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Unchartered Territory – Centre for Cities’ Open Source Campaigning Experiment

In January 2014, the Centre for Cities – an independent, non-partisan think tank focusing on economic development and urban policy in UK cities – took our first steps into the unchartered territory of campaigning, with the launch of ‘Think Cities’. While the Centre has long been involved in the political and policy-making spheres, this was the first time we had sought to build an election campaigning platform that sits outside of our core research programme, and our own manifesto.

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Find Policy: Why Institutional Websites And Search Still Matter

Find Policy targets the search specifically to policy research organizations, and thus can offer more rewarding results. Ideally we hope that we can contribute to more prominence of think tank research. It’s thus a complement to some of the issues discussed in WonkComms: in addition to highlighting particular research pieces, or the work of an institution, this search engine ideally helps make the work of the entire sector more accessible.

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What do Del, Rodney and the NHS have in common? The story behind the Vine Advent Calendar

We’re a pretty busy digital team at The King’s Fund, but with the traditional wind-down for Christmas we usually expect (though it’s not often the case in practice) a lull in December, with a drop in web content, site visits

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Moving beyond the report + media coverage communications model (or why Prospect’s ‘Publication of the Year’ award should be ‘Research Communications Project of the Year’)

That ‘appropriate way’ of communicating to get action and change will never be – has never been – a report alone. Though media coverage has always been central to think tank communications, changes to the way information is broadcast, found and consumed in the digital age will usher in a new understanding of what products are used in think tank communications.

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Providing context: topic pages at research institutions

Topics are usually prominently displayed at research institutions

Although there are many other aspects to developing strong topic pages, in many ways topic pages are a means of providing context on topics. This opportunity is frequently missed by research organizations. Below I make five suggestions for providing better context to your research from topic pages. Note that although the focus (including the examples) is on think tanks, these recommendations apply to other research institutions as well.

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