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Election Fever: The Role of Think Tanks in the Election

On Wednesday 26 November, we were fortunate to host a WonkComms event at our Southbank offices, bringing together a panel of hacks, wonks and wonkcomm-ers, to discuss the role of think tanks in the upcoming General Election.

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LIVE EVENT – Election Fever: how can think tanks make the most of the UK General Election

With just 6 months until polling day, the next election looms large on the horizon. Think tanks can’t ignore it and business-as-usual for research led organisations seems impossible in such a politically charged atmosphere. What should we do? What are we allowed to do (particularly in light of the Lobbying Act)? And how can Comms teams help their Wonks to get it done?

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Unchartered Territory – Centre for Cities’ Open Source Campaigning Experiment

In January 2014, the Centre for Cities – an independent, non-partisan think tank focusing on economic development and urban policy in UK cities – took our first steps into the unchartered territory of campaigning, with the launch of ‘Think Cities’. While the Centre has long been involved in the political and policy-making spheres, this was the first time we had sought to build an election campaigning platform that sits outside of our core research programme, and our own manifesto.

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