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More than just a game

Just before the party conference, Demos launched a competition that one Twitter user called “everything wrong with politics in one link”. Luckily, not everyone agreed with him. Around 400 people entered Fantasy Politics. The three-week contest sparked consistent social media chatter (with MPs such as Tom Watson and Lynne Featherstone getting in on the

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Using a rota to manage the @MRCCTU twitter account

I’m writing this blog with trepidation, as I’m very aware that I’m not a Twitter expert, and the @MRCCTU account is tiny in comparison with others. A couple of months ago there was some discussion on the WonkComms LinkedIn group

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Has twitter killed the media star? (or How I stopped worrying and learned to love social media)

HANCI Donor Committment Index

Back at the end of the last millennium my biggest preoccupation at work was how to secure more column inches for my employer…. Ten years on social media had firmly established itself as a channel through which you could tell your stories and engage key opinion formers. But this was a slow transition and an organisations’ ability to pitch stories into traditional media outlets remained of paramount importance.

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EVENT: Rent-a-quote? Think tanks, media and strategy

Following our successful launch event last April, WonkComms are bringing you the third in a series of events on think tank communications. We are delighted to have a top line-up of speakers too!

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Moving beyond the report + media coverage communications model (or why Prospect’s ‘Publication of the Year’ award should be ‘Research Communications Project of the Year’)

That ‘appropriate way’ of communicating to get action and change will never be – has never been – a report alone. Though media coverage has always been central to think tank communications, changes to the way information is broadcast, found and consumed in the digital age will usher in a new understanding of what products are used in think tank communications.

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50,000 @jrf_uk Twitter followers can’t be wrong

How did the Joseph Rowntree Foundation build their corporate Twitter account to reach 50,000 followers? Through tweeting links to the latest news and developments relevant to a specific subject; then splicing in their own messages, content and media coverage.

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