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Find Policy: Why Institutional Websites And Search Still Matter

Find Policy targets the search specifically to policy research organizations, and thus can offer more rewarding results. Ideally we hope that we can contribute to more prominence of think tank research. It’s thus a complement to some of the issues discussed in WonkComms: in addition to highlighting particular research pieces, or the work of an institution, this search engine ideally helps make the work of the entire sector more accessible.

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EVENT: Wonkcomms teams and skill sets: what does the future hold?

WonkComms event panel

The last three WonkComms events considered the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ of think tank communications. This event turned its attention to ‘who’ – the human resources think tanks can call on for their communications, what skills are needed to progress in the sector and how to develop them.

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More than just a game

Just before the party conference, Demos launched a competition that one Twitter user called “everything wrong with politics in one link”. Luckily, not everyone agreed with him. Around 400 people entered Fantasy Politics. The three-week contest sparked consistent social media chatter (with MPs such as Tom Watson and Lynne Featherstone getting in on the

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