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Making change, the bootstrap way

Grassroot activists are often up against it – taking on institutions with resources and connections well beyond their own. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have advantages they can use. In fact it’s often activists who have to bootstrap that

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Why Think Tank Review?

Think tanks exist to find the best ideas for the good of society. How can they do that if no-one reads what they are producing? Or if their only metric of success is the amount of coverage they generate? Think tanks are much more than publishers, but reports are one of their principal outputs – and right now they are not working. This is the problem Think Tank Review was created to solve.

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Find Policy: Why Institutional Websites And Search Still Matter

Find Policy targets the search specifically to policy research organizations, and thus can offer more rewarding results. Ideally we hope that we can contribute to more prominence of think tank research. It’s thus a complement to some of the issues discussed in WonkComms: in addition to highlighting particular research pieces, or the work of an institution, this search engine ideally helps make the work of the entire sector more accessible.

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Making ‘Cities Outlook’ the issue of the day

Every think tank comms professional dreams of making their annual publication the story du jour. I know many of you will be familiar with those first moments when you wake up and nervously turn on your radio and check your phone

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EVENT: What can science learn from the cutting edge of think tank communication?

A quick notice that WonkComms is on the road again – this time running a session at SpotOn London, an annual conference for anyone interested in how science is carried out and communicated online. Find out more or register to

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VIDEOS: Research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

David Skelton speaks at Wonkcomms event on research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

Videos from last week’s event are now available. The event considered the following questions: Is there is a danger in modern think tanks that the communications tail wags the research dog? Is there value in preserving the traditional think tank publication? Should communications be seen as a means to an end or as an end in itself? And is the nature of research changing because of the rapidly changing communications environment?

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WonkComms event in London – Research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

Following our successful launch event last April, WonkComms are bringing you the first in a series of events on think tank communications.We are delighted to have a top line-up of speakers for our first event of the summer: Research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

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Virtual conferences: not in the future, but now

Over on the International Institute for Environment and Development blog, Suzanne Fisher explains how a virtual conference they held allowed online participants to follow and take part in an IIED conference, cutting carbon footprints and expense.

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