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Five Things We Learned about Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications is a lot like fire alarms and seatbelts: you hope you’ll never need any of them, but it would be foolhardy to go without. Responding to a crisis in a timely and honest way could actually raise your

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An engineering PR campaign unlike any other

While accustomed to the media spotlight, it is fair to say none of us at The Institution of Mechanical Engineers had experienced the the full blown media storm we caused in January 2013 with the launch of the Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not report.

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50,000 @jrf_uk Twitter followers can’t be wrong

How did the Joseph Rowntree Foundation build their corporate Twitter account to reach 50,000 followers? Through tweeting links to the latest news and developments relevant to a specific subject; then splicing in their own messages, content and media coverage.

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The death of the 00:01h embargo

A bygone era - Capital Journal News Room 16 in 1961. Source: flickr/Marion Doss

Like a zombie, the ‘minute past midnight embargo’ haunts my press releases like an undead spectre. No longer fit for purpose, and yet still a ubiquitous header on the top of most attempts at proactive media relations, the phrase “Embargoed: 00:01h” is dead but not yet buried.

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