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Powerful storytelling: how comms stole the show

What revolutionary digital communications tool had a communications specialist at the Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) in Kolkata employed that had single-handedly creating the biggest event buzz in a roomful of 100 academics and activists at the most prestigious university in India? A camera and a 20 year-old technique. That’s what.

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Wonks and Wonga: Payday lending, policy theory, and time-poor politicians

As somebody who works for a debt advice charity, I was interested to hear George Osborne’s announcement that Government intends to cap the interest rate payday lenders can charge. The harm caused by this type of high-interest lending was first

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An engineering PR campaign unlike any other

While accustomed to the media spotlight, it is fair to say none of us at The Institution of Mechanical Engineers had experienced the the full blown media storm we caused in January 2013 with the launch of the Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not report.

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The theory of ‘framing’: useful for think tanks?

The conservative right study cognitive science and work in advertising, they understand the role of emotion in generating values. The progressive left study political science and are stuck in a phony enlightenment form of reasoning. That’s the view of George

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WonkComms event in London – Research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

Following our successful launch event last April, WonkComms are bringing you the first in a series of events on think tank communications.We are delighted to have a top line-up of speakers for our first event of the summer: Research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

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Animations: my step-by-step guide

A screenshot from ODI's Development Progress animation

Katy Harris of ODI’s Development Progress project outlines how they created an animation to explain the project to a broad audience, whilst also maintaining our authority to produce credible recommendations to policy-makers that are evidently based on ‘serious’ analysis.

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Once more, with feeling? Emotional communication in think tanks

Lego men showing emotions

The most effective communication is the one that work on both a rational and an emotional level. The one that engage both your heart and your mind. But in our think tanks, we sometimes downplay our emotional propositions in order to prove how rational we are. Let’s bring our evidence to life and remember that the best communications include both rational and emotional propositions.

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