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Long-form metrics: what to measure and how to measure it

In wonkworld and elsewhere, communicators are experimenting with long-form content. Lengthier essays, feature articles and thinkpieces are becoming another way of getting across the often complex messages we try to communicate. Of course, writing that goes over the 2,500-word limit

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PDFs or not? That isn’t the right question.

This year’s thread questioning the value of PDFs for publishing research has spawned an important discussion (links at the bottom of this thread). On the face of it, the question we are discussing is: Should we publish PDFs, or is

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In defence of the PDF

The death of the PDF has become something of a WonkComms mantra of late. Any digital enthusiast trying to make the case to their more traditional colleagues to move away from the much-despised format will have circulated with glee the

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The Future of Digital Longform Publishing

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a slew of opportunities to muse about the future of digital publishing. A piece on explainer journalism from Adam Tinworth kicked things off. And though Tinworth’s conclusions were meant as a prediction

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Finding Home: How The Century Foundation Took Its First Small Step Beyond the PDF

Disclaimer: there’s nothing inherently wrong with PDFs. They work on pretty much any device, and for printing, they’re tough to beat. But PDFs on the web are a hack. They’re born of the web’s early days when putting something online

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