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EVENT LIVE NOW: Packing a punch: what impact means for think tanks

This panel discussion will explore what impact means for think tanks

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Unchartered Territory – Centre for Cities’ Open Source Campaigning Experiment

In January 2014, the Centre for Cities – an independent, non-partisan think tank focusing on economic development and urban policy in UK cities – took our first steps into the unchartered territory of campaigning, with the launch of ‘Think Cities’. While the Centre has long been involved in the political and policy-making spheres, this was the first time we had sought to build an election campaigning platform that sits outside of our core research programme, and our own manifesto.

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EVENT: Wonkcomms teams and skill sets: what does the future hold?

WonkComms event panel

The last three WonkComms events considered the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ of think tank communications. This event turned its attention to ‘who’ – the human resources think tanks can call on for their communications, what skills are needed to progress in the sector and how to develop them.

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EVENT: What can science learn from the cutting edge of think tank communication?

A quick notice that WonkComms is on the road again – this time running a session at SpotOn London, an annual conference for anyone interested in how science is carried out and communicated online. Find out more or register to

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VIDEOS: Research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

David Skelton speaks at Wonkcomms event on research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

Videos from last week’s event are now available. The event considered the following questions: Is there is a danger in modern think tanks that the communications tail wags the research dog? Is there value in preserving the traditional think tank publication? Should communications be seen as a means to an end or as an end in itself? And is the nature of research changing because of the rapidly changing communications environment?

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Finding Digital Publishing Solutions for Research Organizations

John Osterman, publications manager at the Center for Global Development, reports back from the Digital Publishing Fair and Roundtable they hosted last week. Participants discussed strategies for staying at the forefront of the shift from delivering content digitally to creating digital content. Five years ago perhaps they could PDF a report and call it a day. Today, it’s not enough.

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Virtual conferences: not in the future, but now

Over on the International Institute for Environment and Development blog, Suzanne Fisher explains how a virtual conference they held allowed online participants to follow and take part in an IIED conference, cutting carbon footprints and expense.

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The future of think tank communications

A few resources and views published around the event on the future of think tank communications organised by the Social Market Foundation last Friday at the Overseas Development Institute.

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To create or to disseminate, is that the question?

Participants at the WonkComms event in London - mainly on Twitter!

It usually only takes a few minutes listening to another think tank talk about their work before you are reminding yourself that although there are hundreds of organisations the world over that claim the think tank title, you’re highly unlikely to find two that are the same. We may have plenty in common but we are all trying to reach different people, in different circumstances, for different reasons.

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Three things I learned from our #wonkcomms event

The #wonkcomms event taught me three things: professional communicators know how to work Twitter; digital drives collaboration as well as strengthening competition; and multichannel communications works.

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