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Design Content for All Platforms, Not Just the Desktop

The web continues to fragment. Most observers estimate that the mobile web will overtake the desktop world sometime in the next 12 months. While visitors to think tanks may not be out on the leading edge of the tide, they’re assuredly

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What even is a blog?

In a recent blog on From Poverty to Power, Duncan Green asked: ‘is blogging an established part of the landscape and is there a successor waiting in the wings?’, assuming that if blogs are a part of the furniture then everybody should be encouraged to get comfortable with them. My answer is ‘yes they are and no there’s probably not’.

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Finding Digital Publishing Solutions for Research Organizations

John Osterman, publications manager at the Center for Global Development, reports back from the Digital Publishing Fair and Roundtable they hosted last week. Participants discussed strategies for staying at the forefront of the shift from delivering content digitally to creating digital content. Five years ago perhaps they could PDF a report and call it a day. Today, it’s not enough.

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