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How should think tanks deal with the problem of misinformation?

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For many people, the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was a wake-up call. If groups like QAnon seemed far-away and abstract before, they don’t anymore: We have now watched on television as the real-world results of

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Five Things We Learned About Data Visualization

Are you burnt out on infographics? We often see organizations relaying messages using generic and unengaging data visualization methods. And—to be honest—it gets a bit old. Here are several problems that are dragging down data viz: You’ll commonly come across

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WonkComms and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Still from Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel—and a dash of literary theory—point the way to a new approach to research comms outreach.

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Long-form metrics: what to measure and how to measure it

In wonkworld and elsewhere, communicators are experimenting with long-form content. Lengthier essays, feature articles and thinkpieces are becoming another way of getting across the often complex messages we try to communicate. Of course, writing that goes over the 2,500-word limit

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A more fun way to communicate an internal strategy

At the National Housing Federation, we’ve recently updated our social media strategy. As the digital world is ever changing, our strategy needs to evolve too. It clearly sets out how we use social media as an organisation and how it

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Aviva’s recipe for twitter success

By Sue Winston and Hayley Sandford In any job, winning an award for something you enjoy doing has to be the equivalent of the cherry on the cake. In our case, that “cherry” was the CorpComms Digi Award for the

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Disrupting Wonkcomms

Last week, Jill Lepore took to the pages of the New Yorker to denounce “disruption.” Lepore wasn’t content merely to document the ways that the term has been overused into near-meaninglessness. No, Lepore aimed at debunking the very idea of

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Finding Home: How The Century Foundation Took Its First Small Step Beyond the PDF

Disclaimer: there’s nothing inherently wrong with PDFs. They work on pretty much any device, and for printing, they’re tough to beat. But PDFs on the web are a hack. They’re born of the web’s early days when putting something online

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Powerful storytelling: how comms stole the show

What revolutionary digital communications tool had a communications specialist at the Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) in Kolkata employed that had single-handedly creating the biggest event buzz in a roomful of 100 academics and activists at the most prestigious university in India? A camera and a 20 year-old technique. That’s what.

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EVENT: Wonkcomms teams and skill sets: what does the future hold?

WonkComms event panel

The last three WonkComms events considered the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ of think tank communications. This event turned its attention to ‘who’ – the human resources think tanks can call on for their communications, what skills are needed to progress in the sector and how to develop them.

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