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Are you sitting in a think tank or research institute and wondering how you can get involved in WonkComms?  There are a number of ways of collaborating:

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Write for the WonkComms blog

Why write?

Posting to WonkComms is a chance for team members to share their knowledge and skills, and build themselves a professional profile as they do it.

Who should write?

People working within communications team in research organisations around the world – be they think tanks, universities or research institutes.

How is the blog governed?

The WonkComms editorial board leads in agreeing, editing and posting pieces. The board consists of:

  • Nick Scott from the Overseas Development Institute
  • Richard Darlington from the Institute of Public Policy Research
  • Leonora Merry from the Social Market Foundation

The board is fairly light-touch, providing reviews and early feedback on posts, and commissioning content from conversations we see on Twitter or discussions on the LinkedIn group.

Who are our current collaborators?

A list of collaborating authors is available on the front page of the site. The list includes the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), the Social Market Foundation (SMF), the Center for Global Development (CGD) and The Century Foundation.

How do I/we sign up?

Please can you send an email to and let me know if you or your team is interested. It would also be useful if you could include any ideas for potential contributions you might be interested in writing.

Curate the WonkComms twitter account

The @WonkComms twitter account is intended to be another open space for learning, with ownership shared amongst think tanks. As such, management of the account will rotate at regular intervals, with different think tank communications teams taking it on and tweeting about their communications, and interesting communications they see from other organisations.

Guidelines for taking on the account

  • Change the WonkComms twitter description to include ‘This twitter account rotates & is currently run by [@handle]’
  • Tweet a reminder every few days that account is being hosted by you, asking for future hosts.
  • Tweet on interesting stuff you and others are doing in communications, things you’ve read of interest, etc.
  • Tweets should have clear link to communications, not just worthwhile campaigns or causes.
  • Monitor the WonkComms LinkedIn group and tweet about discussions.
  • Prepare and send a few tweets, at intervals, about any new blogs.

How do I/we sign up?

Please tweet @WonkComms!

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