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EVENT: WonkComms 1 year on: 2 steps forward 1 step back?

OK, so, here’s the thing… A year ago, WonkComms was launched at an event in London. The blog, LinkedIn group, rotating Twitter account and Pinterest board soon followed. The aim was to bring people together to think about the future of think tank and research communications, and help

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Passion + ration(al): when CharityComms met WonkComms

  This week, my fellow WonkComms Original Leonora Merry & I ran a workshop break out session at the ‘PR in the Digital Age’ conference, for CharityComms. We felt that charities pretty much lead the way on emotional comms, but

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That’s how we know you’re not a scientist!

  WATCH AGAIN: here “No methods or control.” (h/t @Schrokit) Apparently, that’s how we know I’m not a scientist. To be fair, I never claimed I was a scientist. But I think that ‘not being a scientist’ is why I

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Videos and slides: WonkComms in the North

Our fourth WonkComms event, “WonkComms in the North”, took place at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in York on 14 October 2013. Speakers included WonkComms originals Richard Darlington, Head of News at IPPR, Nick Scott, Interim Head of Communications at ODI

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Once more, with feeling? Emotional communication in think tanks

Lego men showing emotions

The most effective communication is the one that work on both a rational and an emotional level. The one that engage both your heart and your mind. But in our think tanks, we sometimes downplay our emotional propositions in order to prove how rational we are. Let’s bring our evidence to life and remember that the best communications include both rational and emotional propositions.

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The death of the 00:01h embargo

A bygone era - Capital Journal News Room 16 in 1961. Source: flickr/Marion Doss

Like a zombie, the ‘minute past midnight embargo’ haunts my press releases like an undead spectre. No longer fit for purpose, and yet still a ubiquitous header on the top of most attempts at proactive media relations, the phrase “Embargoed: 00:01h” is dead but not yet buried.

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