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Five Things We Learned About Online Events

Photo showing proper lighting for online meetings using only a normal desk lamp

The inaugural edition of a new series on digital think tanking kicked off with an online event on—what else?—online events.

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Five Things We Learned About Longform

Later this month will mark the seventh anniversary of the day when the New York Times’ Snow Fall burst onto the scenes, forever (or at least for the better part of a decade) changing how we think about storytelling in

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DC WonkComms Breakfast Club: What’s Next for Data Visualization?

Yes, you’ve seen this description before. It was such a hit in the UK that we’re reprising it in DC.* Over the last decade infographics have become a core part of the policy communications inventory. Now it seems as if

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Breakfast Club: The Future of Longform Content

BOOK NOW for our next London Breakfast Club! As more think tanks seek to use the power of storytelling to illuminate policy and research messages, longform features are becoming an increasingly attractive option across the sector. But what is the

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Five Things We Learned About Social Media Advertising (and One Bonus Thing)

There was a time not so long ago when social media—with its promise of free advertising and a potential audience of millions all for a couple hours a week of staff time—was a no-brainer for any think tank. Today, the

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DC WonkComms Breakfast Club: Social Media Advertising and Think Tanks

Social media advertising is cheaper than printing even just a small handful of reports. It can be targeted even more precisely than putting on an event. And it reaches a potential audience of billions. While most think tanks have done

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Five Things We Learned About Leveraging the News Cycle

Sure, today’s digital platforms can reach people directly in a way that wasn’t possible a few short years ago. But the fact remains that if you want to influence a lot of people very quickly, nothing beats a good writeup

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DC WonkComms Breakfast Club: Leveraging the News Cycle

The first entry in the newly-launched WonkComms Breakfast Club series explores how think tanks can leverage the 24-hour news cycle.

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WonkComms and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Still from Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel—and a dash of literary theory—point the way to a new approach to research comms outreach.

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Five Things We Learned About Being a Digital Think Tank

Like pretty much everyone else who deals with words and ideas for a living, think tankers have spent the last few years grappling with what it means to move to digital. It’s meant different things to different organizations—some have focused

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