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Welcome to the media – these are the rules.

‘News is what a chap who doesn’t care much about anything wants to read.’ Evelyn Waugh – Scoop. During last week’s Wonkcomms event, a well-known development blogger asked me over Twitter: how is it that 25,000 people will die today

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Its not me, its you (understanding the roles of wonk and comms in digital content creation)

Most of us have probably been in a relationship that from time to time breaks down into the same tired arguments. Eyes roll, arms cross and you think ‘are we really going to do this all over again?’ For the

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What even is a blog?

In a recent blog on From Poverty to Power, Duncan Green asked: ‘is blogging an established part of the landscape and is there a successor waiting in the wings?’, assuming that if blogs are a part of the furniture then everybody should be encouraged to get comfortable with them. My answer is ‘yes they are and no there’s probably not’.

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To create or to disseminate, is that the question?

Participants at the WonkComms event in London - mainly on Twitter!

It usually only takes a few minutes listening to another think tank talk about their work before you are reminding yourself that although there are hundreds of organisations the world over that claim the think tank title, you’re highly unlikely to find two that are the same. We may have plenty in common but we are all trying to reach different people, in different circumstances, for different reasons.

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