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The strategies, channels and tools used to communicate research are in flux. All over the world, communications teams in think tanks and research organisations are hitting on great ideas and innovations. These innovations are helping their research to be heard, found and acted upon by existing and new audiences.

Though many blogs and sites exist that discuss research communications, nowhere is there a space for communications staff working within research institutions to share their practical experiences implementing revolutionary and evolutionary change using digital tools. There is no way for research communicators to connect with and discuss exciting innovations with others just like them, and learn from their peers.

This blog, alongside a LinkedIn Group, rotating Twitter account and Pinterest boards aim to put that right. Following the launch in April 2013, we hope to collect blogs and views from across the industry.

WonkComms is a truly collaborative project, run and developed entirely by volunteers from across the think tank community and is not reliant on or in receipt of any funding. The WonkComms blog and event series are managed by Nick Scott (ODI), Richard Darlington (IPPR) and Leonora Merry (Nuffield Trust) who started the project in early 2013 to fill a knowledge-sharing gap in our sector. Our Twitter account rotates around think tank communications teams around the world and WonkComms events and materials are free to everyone involved in think tank communications, regardless of how big or small your think tank is or where it sits on the political spectrum – so why not get involved and become a collaborating organisation?

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