EVENTS: BreakfastClub Spring Collection

The WonkComms #BreakfastClub Spring Collection has arrived!

  • COP is Coming: Think Tank Comms and the UN Climate Change Conference (Monday 2 March) – Book your place here
  • #RouteToTheTop: Keith Burnet, Communications Director, Chatham House (Wednesday 25 March) – Book your place here
  • Working with a Majority Government: a conversation with Nick Pearce (Thursday 7 May – don’t forget to vote!) – Book your place here
  • WonkComms in the Frame: policy communications and the power of framing (Thurs 21 May) – Book your place here

Hosted by Soapbox Communications (126 Back Church Lane, London, E1 1FH)

Kicking off on Monday 2 March: “COP IS COMING”

The UN Climate Change conference is coming to Glasgow in November. It’s a big opportunity for environment and development think tanks to inform and influence global policy.

But COP can also be a bunfight of policy wonks, all desperately trying to influence the debate. And, as we’ve seen in recent years, it’s all too easy for a COP to become a flop.

How we communicate ideas and evidence will crucial to making a success of the event both for individual think tanks, and for the sector as a whole. The time to start planning is now.

In this BreakfastClub, chaired by my fellow Original founder Richard Darlington, @RDarlo, Campaign Director for 25 NGOs, we are joined by representatives from two of the UK’s leading environment and development think tanks:

Liz Carlile, @lizcarlileDirector of Communications at the International Institute for Environment and Development (@IIED). A veteran of numerous COPs, Liz is currently heading up IIED’s planning for COP26.

Dan Sharp, @DanDJSharpOverseas Development Institute’s (@ODIdevPublic Affairs Manager where he supports the senior leadership and research teams on external engagement, including the build up to COP26.

The discussion, as always, will be under the Chatham House Rule and we will be looking to learn the lessons of previous COPs and and share ideas, inspiration and plans for a successful trip to Glasgow in November.


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