DC WonkComms Breakfast Club: Social Media Advertising and Think Tanks

Social media advertising is cheaper than printing even just a small handful of reports. It can be targeted even more precisely than putting on an event. And it reaches a potential audience of billions.

While most think tanks have done a bit of advertising here and there, few have really embraced its full range of possibilities.

At the next WonkComms Breakfast Club in Washington, DC, we’ll learn the in’s and out’s of social media advertising from think tankers who are embracing it as a valuable tool for communicating policy research.

WonkComms’ Breakfast Club brings together policy communications professionals to share best practice and their own experiences of what works (and what doesn’t) over croissants and coffee.

Featured Speakers

Ashley Wood Schelling is Director of Digital Engagement at the Brookings Institution, where she oversees a team using social media, newsletters, and other online tactics to shape the online conversation around public policy issues. Over the past seven years, she has expanded the organization’s audiences beyond the beltway and helped the institution implement a long-term digital communications strategy. Her previous work includes both digital and traditional communications for labor unions, non-profits, and political campaigns.

Patrick Kane is currently the Social Media Coordinator at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He enjoys working with Carnegie’s global network of centers to increase social media engagement and improve digital practices. Previously, he worked at Meltwater, a media and social media intelligence organization, where he advised a variety of clients—from Glenstone Museum to the National Turkey Federation—on measurable insights and digital strategy.


Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 9:00–10:30am
The Wilson Center, Washington DC



Joe Miller is the Director of the DC studio of Soapbox, a design and digital agency that focuses on creative communications for ideas that matter. He has led digital strategy projects at Eastern Research Group, The Century Foundation, and the Congressional Budget Office. Prior to his shift to content strategy, we was a senior staff writer at FactCheck.org, a copywriter with the Mack/Crounse Group and an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of North Carolina—Pembroke and the United States Military Academy. He received his PhD in political philosophy from the University of Virginia, his MA in philosophy from Virginia Tech, and his BA in philosophy from Hampden-Sydney College.

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2 comments on “DC WonkComms Breakfast Club: Social Media Advertising and Think Tanks
  1. Hi Joe. has there been a write up of this event please? I thought I’d been sent one but maybe I was dreaming?! if there is one please do send as this is something we’re really interested in finding out more about.

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