Holiday Social: 15 December!

There have been a few changes behind the scenes here at WonkComms.

As some of you will know, Leonora is off to have a baby, and Richard has moved to Nairobi. While Leonora, Richard, and Nick will continue to be involved in WonkComms, they have drafted a few more people to share the workload.

The new WonkComms steering committee has been busy planning some exciting events for next year. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

But first, we’ve arranged for our annual WonkComms Christmas Drinks on Tuesday, 15 December at the ICA Cafe Bar, 12 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH. We’ll get started at 6pm and go until the last person leaves.

We hope you’ll be able to come join us!


Nick (@nicknet), Leonora (@leonoramerry), Richard (@rdarlo), Joe (@jjosephmiller), Nicole (@nicolevIFG), Sofie (@sofiejenkinson), Natalie (@nataliescox), Jeff (@knezovjb), Lisa (@lisajjeffery), and Vicki (@vickipper)


Joe Miller is the Director of the DC studio of Soapbox, a design and digital agency that focuses on creative communications for ideas that matter. He has led digital strategy projects at Eastern Research Group, The Century Foundation, and the Congressional Budget Office. Prior to his shift to content strategy, we was a senior staff writer at, a copywriter with the Mack/Crounse Group and an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of North Carolina—Pembroke and the United States Military Academy. He received his PhD in political philosophy from the University of Virginia, his MA in philosophy from Virginia Tech, and his BA in philosophy from Hampden-Sydney College.

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