EVENT LIVE NOW: Packing a punch: what impact means for think tanks


Wednesday, 22 July 2015 from 17:00 to 19:00 (BST)
Jenner Room, Wellcome Trust,
215 Euston Road,

For organisations aiming to achieve change, impact is the lifeblood of think tanks. Informed debate, evidence-based policies, and high profile recognition are the goals. But lasting change takes time and is heavily dependent on external circumstances, new opportunities and multiple personalities. Defining and measuring success is a complex business.

This panel discussion will explore what impact means for think tanks. Is a high profile, plenty of media coverage and lots of web traffic enough? How can think tanks measure and evaluate success? What do funders expect from think tank research? And how do think tanks interact with the machinery of government?

Our panel will look at how one think tank managed to become the voice of truth and fact during the 2015 election campaign, what impact means for civil servants and those working in parliament, how comms teams can effectively evaluate and measure success (beyond web visits), and much more.

Speakers include:


**This event is fully booked. We will be live-streaming it via Google hangout**

Download a delegate list

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