EVENT: Storytelling in Research Communications

Storytelling Jim Pennicci2
Invitation to a ‘WonkComms Practicals’ webinar on 28 May 2014

ECDPM is pleased to announce the next WonkComms event, a ‘WonkComms Practical’ webinar, being broadcast and livestreamed on 28 May 2014 from 15.00-17.00 (Central European Time) on storytelling for research communications.

Karen Dietz, author of the new book “Storytelling for Dummies” and curator for the “Just Story It” website will speak to us from San Diego via Google Hangout.

Her book explains how storytelling is a key aspect of communications. It is a strategy and a competence, not just a tool, that depicts how our values are embodied in our work (not just stories to say we have values) in order to build relationships, with a goal to compel people to action.

In her presentation to WonkComms she’ll explain how stories are more than just descriptions and can be perceived as even more true than mere facts. She will outline how the emotional right side of the brain they appeal to works with analytical thinking to help build trust, make decisions and take action to engage with us. They make people emotionally engaged with the abstract.

She’ll provide the basic outlines of successful stories (plot, obstacle, conflict, problem, challenge to overcome and so on) and explain how to define and deliver the crucial key message through the use of drama and contrast to give meaning. She’ll also explain how to fill in these outlines with inner and outer dialogue and words that tap the senses and emotions so that the plot moves along.

We will explore how to create stories for research and data that transform information into the ability to take action. The story needs to make meaning, not just make sense. The reaction you want is “I get it and am motivated to make something happen as a result”.

There will be plenty of time for you to post your comments and questions in Google Hangout and for discussions on how to practically apply these tools to your think tank communications work.

The webinar will run here on Google+ or and on ECDPM’s Youtube channel

Here is a small trailer with Karen to give you a flavour of what to expect:

You can also follow us and post questions on Twitter using the #wonkcomms hashtag.

We look forward to speaking with you on the 28th of May.

Pic: Storytelling by Jim Pennuci on Flickr

A development communications officer at ECDPM, formally editor of Project Manager Today and part time Roald Dahl storyteller

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