Passion + ration(al): when CharityComms met WonkComms


This week, my fellow WonkComms Original Leonora Merry & I ran a workshop break out session at the ‘PR in the Digital Age’ conference, for CharityComms. We felt that charities pretty much lead the way on emotional comms, but we thought we could teach them a thing or two about rational and evidence based communications and might be able to open their hearts-&-minds to real-time social media marketing.


Before our session, the conference was treated to a ‘behind-the-scenes’ reveal by Greenpeace’s Nic Seton on their ice climb stunt on The Shard (1 skyscrapper, 6 women, no permission!). In a lovely understated and laid back way, he revealed that they spent two months planning their content strategy because they ended up needing enough content to fill 16 hours of real-time social media marketing. He also used my favourite slide of the day and my favourite reply on twitter.  


There was also a great talk from the Chief Exec of Bowel Cancer UK on ‘tweeting from the top’. Deborah Alsina sounds like a great boss to work for and her talk brought tears to our eyes. She uses twitter to socially network with cancer patients, which gives an intense passion and authenticity to her comms efforts. But she told us that sometimes she doesn’t know what to tweet about and perfectly made the case for the digital content strategy that Leonora and I focused our session on.


Here are our slides:


BTW, I’ve noticed today that Jessie Nicholls at NPC has started a series of blog posts on data visualisation, which is very relevant to this topic. Here’s her first post, with more to come in following weeks.


Richard Darlington is Head of News at IPPR but dreams of one day working in Africa. 

WonkComms Original: founder and editorial board member

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