Watch “Rent-a-quote: media, think tanks and strategy” live

If you can’t make it to the Institute for Government for today’s “Rent-a-Quote” event you can watch online via the IfG’s webstream page.

Watch online here


Thursday 5 September 2013


Institute for Government, 2 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AA

Refreshments will be provided


Beatrice Karol Burks, Head of News, Citizens Advice (@beatricelucy)
John Coventry, UK Communications Director, (@johnnycov)
Huw Evans, Director of Operations, Association of British Insurers (@huwevans71)
Kiran Stacey, Political Correspondent, Financial Times (@kiranstacey)


Richard Darlington, Head of News, IPPR (@rdarlo)

Gaining exposure for policy ideas and analysis in the media remains a core activity for most think tanks. Media coverage is an essential tool both to reach decision-makers and to communicate with new audiences. For their part, journalists rely on think tanks to provide them with concise, well articulated analysis and perspectives.

But in an era of 24-hour news, poorly resourced journalism and the continued rise of social media, are think tanks being strategic enough in planning media interventions? Do too many think tanks see media coverage as an end in itself? How can think tanks time their media outputs more effectively? And do digital channels mean they can bypass the traditional media coverage approach altogether?

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