VIDEOS: Research in the digital age: wonk or comms?

Videos from last week’s event are now available on the shiny new WonkComms Youtube channel and embedded below for your viewing convenience.

As a reminder of what you will find therein, here is the event blurb:

In a fast-moving digital world, the traditional think tank research output is changing. It is no longer adequate for think tanks to rely solely on the impact of a single research publication to inspire and motivate their audience. Tools like infographics, multimedia presentations, blogs, podcasts and videos are increasingly becoming the norm for think tank research.

But with think tanks vying for attention in a crowded and busy online world, is there a danger that the communications tail wags the research dog? Is there value in preserving the traditional think tank publication? Should communications be seen as a means to an end or as an end in itself? And is the nature of research changing because of the rapidly changing communications environment?

Happy watching!

Katie Schmuecker, Programme Manager, JRF (introduction)

Liz Carlile, Director of Communications, IIED

David Skelton, Director of Renewal

Jamie Bartlett, Demos

I am Digital Manager at UNISON. My core area of interest is in digital tools and content strategy. As Digital Manager at the Overseas Development Institute, I developed a digital strategy awarded Online Strategy of the Year at the Digital Communications Awards 2012. I have written extensively on digital strategy and monitoring and evaluation, primarily on how they can support research communications with impact. I am also a founder of WonkComms, a popular community of practice for think tank communications staff. In this capacity, I am a member of the blog editorial board, commissioning and editing blogs and regularly formulate, speak at and chair events held at various UK think tank HQs in London and more widely.

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  1. […] couple of us from LGiU attended a Wonk Comms event over the summer called ‘Research in the Digital Age: Wonk or Comms?’ The event emphasised how important it is for think tanks to adapt to an environment in people […]

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